Under Constant Supervision


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C.J. Thomson

ISBN-13: 979-8633845419


Now more than ever, freedom is lost through computers, mobile devices and even household goods…

Under Constant Supervision is a fact-driven exposé on the realities of the global surveillance in operation for decades by our governments and the technology companies we rely on.

With justifications like national security, online safety, copyright protection and health; honest citizens, many unwittingly or unknowingly, are victims of mass data harvesting with every purchase or registration leading to the sale of their personal liberty and information.

Featuring locations of surveillance stations, photographs, leaked documents and interviews; Under Constant Supervision is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive look at what goes on behind the scenes and how it has evolved into one of the largest – yet almost unstoppable – effects of the modern world.BookRefine Publishing has also published the entire repository of leaks, high-definition photos and satellite images as well as archived news article mirrors on GitHub for readers to absorb.