The Uninvited: The True Story of Ripperston Farm


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Clive Harold

ISBN-13: 978-1071008355

Originally published in 1979 – The Uninvited is the true story of an ordinary family living in South Wales who found themselves entangled in a series of unearthly encounters in 1977.
At first the manifestations were minor. UFOs were sighted in the area, huge burnt patches were found in the fields, television sets and cars blew all of their wiring…but before long the Coombs family was visited by weird lights, huge white figures and a glowing disembodied hand.

Their lives were disrupted and they were terrified by something unidentifiable and unimaginable. They were a focus for The Uninvited. The story you are about to read is true, though you will doubt it. With good reason.

This is the story of an ordinary family caught up in the extraordinary, for whom the impossible became possible, the unbelievable became believable, and science fiction became science fact. You will find no explanations for the events reconstructed here, for there are none.

What took place was as beyond explanation as it may seem unbelievable. It still is…

For the first time in decades, the book has been revised and renewed with additional content and digitally enhanced photographs.

Paperback available at Amazon