Into the Fringe + Taken Bundle


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Dr Karla Turner PhD

ISBN-13: 978-1986770163

This bundle includes both of Dr Karla Turner’s works “Into the Fringe” and “Taken” in a single PDF

Available together for the first time in the Dr Karla Turner bundle! Into the Fringe: First published in 1992, INTO THE FRINGE was where it all began for Karla Turner and her family. From close-proximity sightings of UFOs to episodes of ‘missing time’ and the chilling accounts of night-time visitations, dramatic configurations of body scarring and numerous poltergeist-like activities experienced by different members of the family; this entirely non-fictional and thrilling account remains both fascinating, revealing and frightening. Taken: In this thrilling account Dr. Karla Turner investigates the chronicles of eight women who relayed their startling allegations of alien abduction experiences for her study. As well as detailed and concise coverage, Turner presents these cases with careful analysis after years of experience as both a highly respected researcher of the abduction phenomenon and an abductee herself. This is a work of fact, theory and science that supplements what many of us consider fantasy.