Our Mission

We founded BookRefine Publishing on the premise that an independent publishing company that maintains transparency, has a heavy discouragement for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copyright trolling would be a fresh addition to a saturated market.

Initially publishing programming books and various educational resources, we found ourselves working to get the rights to various long out-of-print works with the promise to the copyright holders that they would maintain the rights to the works, have total control over the reissuing and redesigning of the works and have a company they could trust to give the works a wider distribution with the confidence of knowing that the company responsible would put the content before the profits. Blowing our own horn? Sorry!

As a small niche publisher, we were tired of seeing the works we were enthusiastic about being sold online for ridiculous amounts or released digitally with errors, poor quality scans or misinformation.

Our mission has always been to retain a reputable publishing company and assist anyone who feels we have not released a quality product. We believe in the freedom of information, online choice and absolute clarity to our customers. We oppose censorship and believe that all art and literature should be free from suppression for the purposes of research and education. We’ve yet to send out any DMCA notices – and if we do, for whatever reason, we will make this public on our website – or discourage piracy as we believe our efforts are better spent maintaining what we release. We have found in the last 10 years of operation that this attitude has led people to purchase the items we offer out of respect to the rights-holders.

In a growing digital world, we remain committed to physical products and believe that digital products should always be maintained and as if it were computer software.

These beliefs stand with both BookRefine Publishing and our music label AudioDefine Records.

BookRefine Publishing proudly supports the work of various organisations including Question Copyright, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Defective by Design and DuckDuckGo.