Independent. Always. We Promise. 

We always have the blessing of the authors and estates involved with publishing. We believe in a fair and just copyright system. Rather than exhaust our staff with DMCA notices and seeking to destroy piracy – we embrace that it can encourage ‘pirates’ to respect the rights and authors of all works by purchasing the content.

DRM-Free Guarantee!

We believe our customers have the right to choose what devices and software they use to read our books without pesky restrictions. We are supporters of Defective by Design and both BookRefine Publishing and AudioDefine Records are listed in the Free Software Foundation’s Guide to DRM-Free living for literature and Audio

Over a decade later, we still have that same mission! 

BookRefine Publishing was built around the idea that the world needs better, higher quality content. We distribute from through a network of manufacturers that are dedicated to their roles as providers. 

Small, but dedicated.

We publish what we ourselves read. We enjoy the quality over quantity approach and as such maintain a small collection of books in niche markets.